Test and Test (again)

6 10 2006

Today and the day before yesterday, I had test in Trisakti for Indosat‘s Recruitment organized by EXPERD. This is just another test in my “waiting” time before I get a job. Recenty, I got a job in mining company, Pamapersada, which is one of ASTRA Group. But, I am still looking for a company with core bussiness in IT or Telecomunication. Besides in Pama, I am still waiting an interview in Lintasarta. But, now I pessimist being hired in lintasarta because it is already 3 weeks and there is no call for me to interview.

Indosat have a plan to expand BTS to cover all Indonesia area in order to competite with other Telecomunication Company in Indonesia (Telkom, XL, Bakrie Telecom, etc). So, Indosat needs many fresh graduated engineer, espesially in Telecom and IT. The manager of Human Capital Indosat said that this year Indosat need about 100 employees for Technical Operation and 50 employees for Development and Product. They will organize open recruitmen in several cities. First open recruitmen was held in Depok (UI) and Jakarta (Trisakti). I take recruitment test in Trisakti (Alhamdulilah I was called by EXPERD). The test is like ordinary recruitment test. There are 2 kind of test, Aptitude and Psychology Test. And Alhamdulilah (again), I pass that test. Tomorrow, I have an interview with psycholog from EXPERD.

I hope this is my last recruitment proses in my life and I will pass this entire test and become employee of Indosat. And someday, I will become Manager, Directure, or even Commissioner of PT.Indosat, Tbk 😀




6 responses

6 10 2006

sugoiiiiii!!!! hebat euy dipanggil banyak perusahaan 🙂 eh,chay,klo dikirim ke papua ama indosat mau gtu?:-P

7 10 2006

dipanggil doang nic, tapi gagal mulu 😦
klo ke papua? mumpung msh jomblo n ga da yg ngangenih… ga masalah lah… asal pulangnya ga bawa istri dari papua aja 😀

7 10 2006

Alhamdulillah,test tempo hari berhasil ya 🙂
Good luck, ya, buat interviewnya..

7 10 2006

Alhamdulillah… interviewnya juga udah
tinggal Hopping2Worry (Harap2Cemas) aja nih…

Ya Allah… berikan yang terbaik buat hamba-Mu ini. sekiranya bekerja di Indosat itu baik dan membawa kebaikan, maka masukkanlah aku menjadi pegawai PT Indosat, Tbk.

Amin 🙂

9 10 2006

congrats chai 😀
syukuran dong… makan 2x


9 10 2006

omedetto Haijiru Abaji-kun…
ditunggu traktirannya buat your first salary 🙂

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