My New Monitor and Desktop

8 10 2006

My old monitor (LG 500G) was crash and can not be used anymore. So, my brother told me to buy new monithor. Why don’t I repair it? He said he will subsidy me to buy new monitor… yeah! And guess what? I have a new LCD 17 inch Monitor (ViewSonic VA712)!! Here is the screenshot:


It is look very good, isn’t it? And then I alse have a new VGA card, NVIDIA FX5200. I said to him that my VGA card is not very good to work with my new monitor. So, he pleased me to exchange my old GeForce2 with his FX5200. What a great Brother is he! Thanks to my Brother for your kindness. That is what Brother are for 😀 I will never forget you, Bro!

And this is my New Desktop in my new Monitor using WindowBlinds 5 with Themes Vista 2.4 from Jemaho :


It is Vista Look-A-Like in Windows XP. Someday I will write Tutorial about How to change your XP into Vista (of course it is only in themes and a few effects, like border-glass, etc).





5 responses

8 10 2006

gaya pisaaaaaaaaaan!!!kereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn!!!
mau dooooooonk 🙂

so cooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!wish i had a brother like that, wait a minute, i don’t even have a brother :))

9 10 2006

mantab pisan akangnya Achai ini… kakaknya gw pinjem dong 😛
pantesan sering ol terus dari rumah…
kayaknya PC barunya ini bikin betah duduk berlama-lama

9 10 2006

ce’ ilee…

belum gajian aja udah punya monitor baru, flet pula…

ga kebayang mo beli apa pas udah gajian…

makan 2x ….. (*lho*)

29 10 2006
manik nih (^o^)v

waoooo .. !

gaya amad .. o__O

*sekian komennyah* ^^

6 03 2007

chai, tuh lcd brapaan harganya ?

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