First Day in Pama

9 10 2006

Today is my first day work in Pama. Nothing special in my first day. I was only sit down for more than 5 hours in lobby for waiting the manager or my supervisor. The manager was meeting and I can only wait, wait and wait…. What a boring time!. After wait for a long time, finally someone call me to meet my supervisor (Mr. Surya). And he brought me to IT Departement in 3Ath Floor. It was 13.30 am from my arrival at 7.30, Wow… 6 hours I have been waiting in Lobby. Maybe this is an obstacle for new employee in order to test how patience is he.

In IT Departement I was Introduced to everyone from Manager, Head Division, SysAdmin, etc. After that, instanly, I forget everyone who was introduced to me. Its natural, isn’t it? I think someday I will remember everyone in IT Departement.

Even it is only sit down for more than 8 hours, I feel very tired and exhausted. Fyuhh!! Keep good work and fighting!! yosh!

Time to work again… browsing….. browsing…..browsing again…. 😀




5 responses

10 10 2006

what’s Pama,chay?wht about Indosat?

10 10 2006

Pama is mining contractor company. If you want to know further about Pama, visit here
There are still no call from Indosat and I am still looking forward to wait…. Hoping2Worry (Harap2Cemas)

10 10 2006


selamet chai….

IT nya programming atau networking? kalo networking kita sharing2 tutorial ya 😀 😀

10 10 2006

wooooo,,,kereeeenn.. omedetouuu!!!!

11 10 2006

di bagian penerapan ISO 270001 untuk Information Security Management System (ISMS). Jadi lebih banyak ke managementnnya daripada ke teknis. Nanti diposting tutorialnya 😀

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