Hide Window Application

19 10 2006

If you want to hide your application from you desktop, taskbar, systray, or even taskmanager, you can use Hide Window Hoykey.

Hide Window Hotkey is a utility which allows you to hide the windows, and programs which are running on your screen. It will instantly hide or close all (or some) programs through mouse hotkey or keyboard hotkey.It also could resize your programs automatically, such as maximize, minimize, normal, minimize to tray.

You can install it without admin’s permission, but you have to move folder installasion into the secret folder you want. It is very helpful in your office, such as if you don’t want everybody know what is your doing or to hide your running appliation when your boss inspect you. Just press one button (hotkey, ex F8 or F4), then all of your application will be hide.

The most important of this application, you can give password so everyone can’t open this application and you can safely leave your computer.


Try it!!

Update : I found new trick, if you want to hide applications, you don’t need to press a hotkey. Just click left mouse button, hold it, and click right mouse button. It will disappear instantly. What a great program!!




5 responses

19 10 2006

gile lu chay,ngoprek teruuuuus,,klo ky gtu bisa nginstall virus ga ketauan donk…:) blon sempet ngblog lagi nih,banyak kerjaan :((

19 10 2006

Tau tuch…si Achai…kebanyakan ngoprek…!
Pasti kerjaannya gak beres…! 😛
Dipecat loe Chai ntar…!

19 10 2006

emang kyknya bentar lg dipecat gw
mo pindah ke tempat laen nih ;p
abis lemot sih internetnya

lebih mending mana gw ngoprek n buat tutorial ato makan gaji buta ga ngapa2in?

mending makan gaji buat n buat tutorial kan

19 10 2006

ngapain window di hide2 chai?

buka yang aneh2 di kantor ya…. 😀

19 10 2006

Sigit gak tau?!
Achai tuch nakal lho.
Tampang sich kayak haji…tapi kelakukan hajingan. 😛

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