Video Tutorial

20 02 2007

Here are some useful links about Video Tutorial that I’ve found on the Internet. Actually, there are many kind of video in free video sharing sites like youtube. In Indonesia, there are several video sharing sites like Video Indonesia SC and Layar Tancap.

1. Warrior of the Net (How internet work Illustrated)
Educational material in form of animations and illustrations explaining technical or abstract concepts about how the Internet Work. You can download it from here (71,2 MB) or another links from the original site. This video is for no-commercial only.

2. Install WordPress
from CNET Video and WordPress Video Tutorial Courtesy of OptiNiche (need high bandwidth)

3. Install Drupal
Video Tutorial Drupal (77 MB) by Komunitas Drupal Indonesia

4. WindowsXP on Mac (Intel)
Video tutorial of how to install WindowsXP on an Intel Mac (58,7 MB)

6. Flash
gotoAndLearn, Free flash tutorial focuses on using Adobe Flash.

7. Hacking
Here is my favorites links 🙂

8. News
(ops.. it is not about tutorial, it is News 😀 and need high bandwidth)
Liputan 6 (Indonesia News from SCTV)
CNN Video
Yahoo News Video

9. Youtube
And of course you can also download more tutorial from youtube using keyword ‘tutorial’.

-Happy wacthing-




8 responses

22 02 2007

Wah asik juga tuh mas tutorialnya,
salam kenal mas,

28 02 2007

siiiippppppppppp deh maz…………..
slm knl _bOtHoL mAnChy ‘ community_

1 03 2007

Di kategory video sharing juga ada di

Well that just for a very special kind of local videos haha

8 03 2007

pengen lebih lengkap?
cari aja di
Tapi resiko tanggung sendiri 🙂

19 03 2007
Budiaji Hartono

Chai…chai…yang bisa diakses dari Kampus Gadjah yang mana ya Chai?


21 06 2007

Hum… info ini udah lama dicari eh dpetnya d sini…
di jadiin site fav deh d technorati heuheuheu…

21 08 2007

yg ini baru tau dari sini… 😀

3 11 2008

cool thanks dude

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