28 04 2007

What New?

I will blog again in a few days from now




4 responses

29 04 2007

I kow I know!!
There is no longer ur face anymore in the upper sidebar…
that’s all. right?! 😐

30 04 2007

yup… you are not wrong or right
I think I don’t need that face in my blog..

look at the new ‘face’ oh this blog..

it’s simple and elegant, isn’t it?

but.. the will be many new thing in my blog.. especially a new spirit to blog again and to reform myself in the new age and new life… I hope so.

30 04 2007

OOOhhh, i see now, why i can read those post, since u use different color in alphabets and background pages… 😉 (btw, the one i said bout, “that’s all, right?” it is a joke… but thanks for your adequate disclosure, I appreciate) (and this one is a joke too…)

(but this one isn’t a joke, it’s my honest expression) yes it is simple and elegant (i’ve used this look once, remember?) like it much better… and can’t wait the next… next May 2nd? is it?
Semangat!!! 😉

5 01 2008

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